Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rumsfeld and Bolton

I am sorry to see Donald Rumsfeld and John Bolton leave their positions. We need tough men, strong men, like them--men who aren't afraid to stand up for what is right. I felt like they both gave their jobs their all.

One thing in particular that they both did was stand up for America. We are a great nation which has done much good in the world and continues to do so. America-bashing has become popular, and those who participate in it don't seem to realize that it is because America is what she is that they are free to bash her.

It also amazes me to hear some talk about America wanting to conquer other nations. America has never been a country that tried to take over other countries to add them to America--they have only tried to help free people from oppression and tyranny.

It's the same sort of bashing that Rumsfeld and Bolton have had to put up with. Some was spillover from the irrational hatred of President Bush, and some was simply not understanding men who stand up for right and for America.

I believe we are the poorer for their leaving.

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