Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Food Timeline

A fun and interesting website is The Food Timeline which starts at the very beginning (with water and ice) and travels through the centuries with links to click on for all sorts of cool information.

Down the left side of the screen is a column of "Beginnings" which tells when food items were invented/began to be used. The latest entry is Deep Fried Coca-Cola in 2006. You can click on various words to be taken to websites with more information about that item.

Down the right side of the screen is a column of "Recipes" which leads you to old cookbooks on the web and recipe websites. I've had fun looking into cookbooks from the 1800's. There are lots of others, of course.

Even if you aren't interested in trying some of the recipes, you'll have a lot of fun seeing when different items came into use and learning more about them. Kids can have fun with the site as well. You can have them look up things like Jello and TV dinners or foods from whatever era of history they are studying at the moment.

Scroll clear to the bottom of the screen for information about the website, links to other websites, and how to cite the site in case your kids want to do a report for school about something they found there.

This is one of my favorite websites and I think you'll enjoy it, too.



At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Pop said...

That's a great site, Mary. All I need, more food information. In all seriousness, I find it fascinating.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Mary A said...

Well, Pop, I want to give you plenty to do to keep out of mischief! It is a great site with loads of information to be found through the links. Plus it's just fun to look at the timeline and see when different foods came into being.


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