Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"After the Muses Fall Silent"

Caroline B. Glick writes another wise article for Jewish World Review. This one is titled "After the Muses Fall Silent." She gives example after example of either those who try to appease jihadists or those who speak against them and are silenced in one way or another, if you get my drift.

Tony Blair, once something of a loyal friend of the United States, has granted an interview to Al-Jazeera in English, a new broadcast channel of the Arab media network, and has made it clear that the US and Britain should retreat from Iraq. You know, cut and run.

Speaking of Al-Jazeera in English, Ms. Glick writes, "It is widely accepted, even by some of the British media, that Al-Jazeera's Arabic satellite station is used as a recruiting tool for global jihad. It can be reasonably presumed that the English channel will be used to erode the West's will to defend itself against global jihadist domination. The fact that the network is now operating an English channel should send a chill up the spine of Western and specifically British media outlets which will now have to compete against an enemy propaganda arm masquerading as a news channel." Hmmmm. Makes you think, doesn't it? Or it should.

Ms. Glick says also, "THERE ARE many reasons that actions like Blair's strategic retreat from reason and responsibility have gone uncriticized by the media. It is not simply that Western, and particularly European journalists are overwhelmingly anti-American and virulently anti-Israel. One of the central reasons for the silence of Western intellectuals and media in the face of actions like Blair's is fear of death at the hands of jihadists." And you know, I can understand being afraid. We are all afraid of things of one kind or another, and death at the hands of jihadists is a fearful thought. The thing is, we have to strengthen our spines and stand up for rights and freedoms and we have to do it now, right away. We have to do this or we will lose freedom and all that we hold dear. And, frankly, there are things worth dying for. One hopes that few have to die, but to appease ourselves into oppression and captivity--well, that just isn't acceptable and you know it.

Ms. Glick ends her article by saying, "If journalists, intellectuals, social critics, authors and concerned citizens throughout the world do not rise up and demand that their governments protect their right to free expression and arrest and punish those who intimidate and trounce that right, one day, years from now, when students of history ask how it came to pass that the Free World willingly enabled its own destruction, they will have to look no further than the contrasting fortunes of Al-Jazeera and Dyab Abou Jahjah on the one hand and Le Figaro and Robert Redeker on the other."

Political correctness has run amok for long enough that there are people who think those of us who try to warn of how dangerous the situation is are just mean-spirited or prejudiced or something. They fail to see the danger--they think there is no danger. And yet our freedoms, our religion, our very lives are at stake--jihadists want to dominate the world. Everyone must convert to Islam or they must be destroyed. Their plan is just that simple. And just that terrible.

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