Thursday, November 09, 2006

Alas! The Election!

To put it mildly, I was disappointed in Tuesday's election results. However, Ann Coulter cheered me up with her "Historic Victory for Diebold!" (Diebold Corp. is the voting machine company, by the way.) So cheer your hearts, conservatives! Life isn't over yet!

Besides alerting me to Ann Coulter's column, my friend, Pop, sent me a link to this article from Australia. Printed in The Australian, you can read it here. Titled "Beheaded Girls Were Ramadan "Trophies", the article tells about Indonesian militants who thought of the idea after visiting Phillippines jihadists. Three Christian schoolgirls were murdered, a fourth was able to break free and run away. Why is it that people aren't understanding that terrorists target innocent civilians? Why is it that the United States and its allies are the ones criticized in the war on terror? One of the things that concerns me most about the Democratic majority in the House and Senate is that we won't be able to get anything accomplished in the war on terror. And if we start appearing weak, you can bet the attacks will increase. Don't people understand what we are dealing with here?

Other articles at Jewish World Review that comment on the after-election situation are "Post-Election Washington" by Tony Blankley and "A Loss's Silver Lining" by George Will. Lots of good reading to give you some things to ponder.



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