Saturday, October 21, 2006

National Security Issues

John Boehner writes an article for that brings attention to an important issue--the leaks of classified information to the press. His piece is called "The Democrats' Dangerous Record of Undermining America's Intelligence Community."

My friend, Pop, first alerted me to this particular situation by emailing a link to an AP story, which you can read here.

Is attempting to discredit President Bush and the Republicans in some way so important to Democrats that they will put our nation at risk to do so? It looks that way. Whatever happened to loyalty, integrity, patriotism?

There is another problem to worry about--illegal efforts to conduct foreign affairs by those not representing the government in their actions. Pop also gave me a heads up with a link to this CNN article.

Former President Jimmy Carter is also known for independently meeting with foreign heads of state in what are apparently illegal attempts to conduct foreign affairs on his own. Why does no one question this? Why is this not a major news story?

Do those indulging in such activities independently of the government think they are smarter than the rest of us? Do they think that we the people are helplessly, hopelessly ignorant and need their "brilliant leadership" to save us? Do they not realize that what they are doing is illegal, immoral, unpatriotic, and perhaps treasonous?

The last thing we need is to have rogue individuals running around leaking stories to the press and meeting or corresponding with foreign heads of state, undermining our national security.



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