Thursday, November 09, 2006


If you need to know more about economics and how it works and what works best, try reading Walter Williams at Jewish World Review. His archives are here. His latest article is "Common Sense Economics" and in it, he reviews a book called Common Sense Economics by Professors James Gwartney (Florida State University), Richard Stroup (Montana State University) and Dwight Lee (Georgia University). Dr. Williams highlights the main points covered in the book, which looks to be a good read.

Dr. Williams says, regarding the book, "It's a small book, less than 200 pages, that addresses a serious economist dereliction of duty: making our subject understandable to the ordinary person." He goes on to say, "Public misunderstanding of basic economic principles leaves us easy prey to political quacks, charlatans and assorted hustlers. Part I of 'Common Sense' focuses on 10 key elements of economics that I'll only briefly describe."

A further education on economics can be obtained by looking through Dr. Williams' archives (linked above) and reading a variety of his articles. Try Thomas Sowell's columns, too (archives here), for an education in economics and politics. These two men write clearly and with common sense. They cover topics we all need to know more about so that we can be better informed voters and citizens.



At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Pop said...

A very good article. I've long been a fan of Mr. Williams. Perhaps I'll email the article to the new incoming House and Senate leadership. Show them the error of their Socialist-Marxist economic theory.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger Mary A said...

You go, Pop!!

Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are both much admired by me. They really are teaching me a lot through their columns.


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