Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Christianity's Real Record" by Greg Koukl

At columnist Greg Koukl writes an interesting article called "Christianity's Real Record."

Mr. Koukl writes of a common accusation--that religion in general and Christianity in particular has been the instigator of war and mass killings. He refutes that claim by explaining how Christianity has helped the world. As he writes, "Love for Christ and a desire to obey Him has transformed the world in four areas: education, human rights, acts of mercy, and general moral transformation of culture."

He writes about, for example, the work of missionaries in China and Africa in establishing schools and hospitals, and in creating written languages for many of Africa's dialects. He writes of the work of those such as Mother Teresa in helping the poor and down-trodden of the world.

He concludes by writing, "This is Christianity’s real record, not a history of evil, violence, and debauchery, but a legacy of radical transformation for good."

Something to consider.



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