Saturday, July 21, 2007

Global Warming

Have you noticed how far from scientific enquiry the global warming discussion has become? In fact, there is a concerted effort on the part of global warming advocates to silence any discussion. They have announced that the debate is over and that those who do not agree with them are guilty of treason and are the equivalent of Holocaust deniers. These kinds of statements should be waving red flags at the people of the world. Science is supposed to be about objective research, not name-calling and censorship.

The global warming movement is taking on the appearance of a religion. The question seems to be, "Do you believe in global warming?" Believe in? Hmmmm.

Science is also not about consensus. Something is either true or not true, or it might still be under investigation. But it is not something we vote on. There are too many experts in the relevant fields of climatology, meteorology, and so forth who have stated quite firmly, and with evidence, that there is no global warming crisis--the earth goes through cycles of heating and cooling and anything we are experiencing now is not significant in the history of the earth. There have been warmer, and colder, periods dating before the industrial revolution, when man began to create industrial emissions.

I can't help but wonder if the global warming crowd is more concerned with creating power and wealth for themselves than with saving the earth. The so-called solutions seem to call for a lot of economic regulation and suppression. And let's not forget taxes levied on the people. These are the kinds of things that stifle economic growth and create all sorts of problems for the citizens when it comes to making a living and having the freedom and the means to follow their dreams.

Freedom and prosperity are very much at stake in the global warming situation. It sounds like more of an excuse to grow government than to be wise stewards over our environment. It reminds me of Hillary Clinton's health-care agenda--taking over huge segments of our national economy and turning them over to government control.

If we aren't careful, we could lose a lot of our freedom and prosperity in some surprisingly devious ways. I hope we will all consider carefully for whom we vote, and that we will frequently contact our current representatives to express our concerns. If enough of us do that, we cannot be ignored.

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