Saturday, June 16, 2007

Natural History

Natural history is a fascinating topic in and of itself. When you can read essays and articles from many years ago, it increases in fascination--what has remained true and what has been found to be in error?

Online you can go to Natural History Magazine and read not only current articles here, but also articles from the early 20th century here. There are a couple of articles, for example, by Theodore Roosevelt. For some reason, I can't link to individual articles, but the link to articles from the early 20th century will bring up a page listing a number of them.

Some additional reading from the past is found at Bartleby. Here is a link to the "Scientific Papers" page, with articles by Michael Faraday and Lord Kelvin, among others. The "Voyages and Travels" page has writings from Herodotus to Sir Walter Raleigh. The nonfiction page offers writings from Charles Darwin, Theodore Roosevelt, and others on various topics, some on science and nature.

You can also seek out literary journals such as Isotope, put out by Utah State University, for literary science and nature writing. A click on the "Samples" button will take you to the archives where a few pieces are available for reading online. There are blogs, too, such as Science Musings by Chet Raymo.

Reading about science and nature is a pleasing way to spend a little time and to further your appreciation of the world around us. Check your local library for books, as well as doing searches online to find sources of reading material, current and past. Also, see my posts here at Writing Blog and here at By Study and Also by Faith, my other blogs, for more on this topic. Enjoy your exploring!

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