Saturday, August 16, 2008

Issues in Politics and on the World Stage

Sometimes the problems of today seem overwhelming. It is difficult to keep them all in mind. We need to do our best to be aware of what's going on and what it all means. New Media Journal has a good editorial titled "Ignore 'The Perfect Storm' at Our Own Peril" by Frank Salvato. In this editorial, Mr. Salvato discusses the way that many, though not all, politicians put their own quest for political power above the good of the country. One way the politicians have done this recently is by distracting Americans from some serious threats, from without and within, that we should be paying attention to.

An article from the Wall Street Journal provides some information about Russia and its use of finance to increase its power. It is "Kremlin 'Capitalism' Is a Threat to the West" by Peter Charles Choharis. Mr. Choharis provides a look at the ways Russia is flexing its economic muscles as well as its military muscles in order to gain power and control. It also shows a glimpse of some ways Russia might be circumvented, but it won't be easy, with Russia so willing to use its military. This, too, is a situation Americans would do well to stay informed about.

An article about our Presidential politics at is called "Not All African Americans Starry-Eyed for Obama" by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown. In this article, the Browns point out that many of Obama's ideas are far from what Dr. Martin Luther King's were and from what many African Americans believe. There are quotes from one of Dr. King's nieces, Dr. Alveda King, on the topic, as well. This article brings to the fore some serious thoughts for contemplation by all Americans.

A hat tip (if I had a hat!) to JR for the last 2 articles.

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