Saturday, June 21, 2008

Concerns About the Serious Undermining of America

It appears to me that this election year is bringing up a lot of information that points to an undermining of America by the Democrat leadership, although there are those in all parties who are contributing to the effort, just as there are those in all parties who are appalled by the liberal/leftist/Marxist tactics being used in American politics today.

There are a lot of so-called crises being emphasized with the idea that a government take-over of various businesses (healthcare and oil come immediately to mind) will offer the solution. In reality, any crisis can usually be traced to government interference. Take energy for example. It is Congress blocking the development of American energy resources that has caused the current high price of gasoline. It is Congress that has made us dependent on foreign oil. It is Congress who has mandated ethanol and siphoned corn and other food grains off the food market and into a questionable energy production effort.

What concerns me most is that the American people are allowing the government to take away our freedoms a bit at a time through passage of laws that are supposed to improve our lives, but that actually degrade them by taking away freedom, choice, motivation to work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labors, and taxing us into poverty. That sounds extreme, but it is the direction in which we are headed, if we don't stand up and tell the government to back off. The Federal government actually has very few responsibilities, as listed in the Constitution. The state governments have a few more responsibilities, but those are limited as well. The people are to be free. Period. End of discussion. Instead, we are subjected to more and more government takeover of things that are best left to private enterprise and the free market.

I read three articles at American Thinker this morning that summarize the kind of thing government and politicians are trying to do. I am linking to them below because I believe that Americans are too smart and too independent to allow this to continue to happen. They just need to be more aware of what is happening so that they can stand up against it.

"Why do we Call Them 'Democrats'?" by Lance Fairchok

"High Gas Prices and the Marxist Tactic of Crisis Revolution" by AWR Hawkins

"Will Estonia Liberate the United States?" by Nicholas J. Kaster

Read and ponder.

Also, at Capitol Hill Coffee House you can read "Democracy Hijacked" by JB Williams. (Thanks to JR for that link.)

We owe it to our country and ourselves to carefully consider what makes this country great and what erodes that greatness. Then we need to work to stop the erosion. Nothing worthwhile comes without effort and persistence. History tells us the end results of socialism and communism. We don't have to go there to find out for ourselves how bad it is.

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