Saturday, March 22, 2008

Conservative Wisdom to Ponder

At Townhall you will find a column by John Hawkins titled "10 of the Greatest Pieces of Conservative Wisdom". In it, Mr. Hawkins lists 10 quotations and offers comments on them. The ideas presented and the quotes used cover a lot of ground, but I think you'll find the column worth a read.

What it comes down to for me is personal responsibility along with morality and integrity. Too many people pursue a course of instant gratification, moral equivalence, dishonesty, and wanting to escape the consequences of choices by being bailed out, usually by the government. Do we ever stop to think about the consequences of this type of widespread behavior for our country? The problem isn't just in America. We can look at the countries in Europe and at countries around the world and see the problems created by turning our lives over to the government of our respective countries.

In many ways, the course of many individuals becomes the course of the nation. If each individual took a responsible, mature course in his life, we would see a great improvement in our nation. If we could rid ourselves of selfishness, dishonesty, immorality, and greed, we would find life can be good indeed. Self-esteem would come from true accomplishments and not from being indoctrinated with a false self-esteem based on nothing.

Careful consideration of consequences is a must for any choice we make. Slow down, think first, look ahead down the road that you are considering taking.

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