Saturday, March 08, 2008

Letting Freedom Slip Away

One of the things that concerns me about America is the way we are letting government take control in more and more areas of our lives. Do we not realize that we are voting our freedom away when we vote for a provision to turn something over to the government or when we elect those who will push through laws raising taxes or regulating businesses more? There are many small ways in which we are letting our freedom slip away. It has to stop.

There is an article over at The New Media Journal that I think everyone should read and think about. It's called "The American Pursuit of Democratic Socialism" by JB Williams. Here is a sample of what Mr. Williams has to say:
Well, here we are, some 230 years after the formation of the greatest, most productive, prosperous, powerful and generous free nation on earth, freely voting ourselves back into tyranny in the name of a greater common good.

We no longer respect or protect the first fundamental unalienable American right, Life. The second, the right to individual Liberty has been replaced with the mob rights of the commune and our right to individually define and pursue (earn) Happiness has been traded for the right of the commune to both define and re-distribute happiness at the federal level.

Our federal government has indeed become destructive of the very values and principles every American is called to uphold and defend and unless we alter our government by altering our voting patterns, we will soon have no choice but to abolish it and start anew.

Democrats now stand fully opposed to all founding American principles and values. But Republicans will get no free pass here either. The party which once stood up to Democratic Socialists in defense of the real American Dream, has in recent years joined the Left in an only slightly slower march into Democratic Socialism and as a result, all elected members of the federal government enjoy the lowest approval ratings in U.S. history.

“If it were necessary to give the briefest possible definition of imperialism, we should have to say that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism – The way to crush the bourgeoisie (the rich and productive) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

This is the belief system and strategy of today’s Democrat Party and it is the centerpiece of both the Clinton and the Obama campaigns. This is the change both candidates have in mind for America.

But these words were not authored by either campaign. These words were authored by Vladimir Lenin. You will hear these notions sold from every DNC campaign stage between here and November. But it was Lenin, Marx, Stalin and Alinsky who first sold these ideas to those who now run the Democrat Party.

Consider that and look at what today's politicians do and say.

Another article at the same website is called "They Will Get Fooled Again" by Robert E. Meyer. He's also got some thoughts you should consider, such as:
The democratic front runner, Barack Obama, has garnered much political capital on a vague platform template of "change." His swooning crowds of admirers reflexively applauding, or even fainting, at his every statement and gesture. Obama's campaign has been so emotionally hypnotic, that Schaeffer's son Frank is gushing giddily about supporting Barack with his heart. What candidate of the opposition party has ever offered anything unique to the theme of change?

What this "change" really connotes, amounts to more government programs, and increased dependence on government, resulting in greater learned helplessness by individual citizens.

People are now asking government to meet the needs that were once obligations of individuals themselves, family and neighbors, the public charity, church organizations, and Almighty God. A clear recipe for tyranny.

The Democratic platform, and to a lesser degree some Republican politicians, have forsaken individual accountability and initiative, while moving in a direction contrary to the roles of limited government delineated by our Founders. The best government is one that governs least.

Far too many people have stopped asking the question about what limited role in society our government should fulfill, but have hopped aboard the gravy train to paradise, never suspecting it to be the graveyard express to the ideological gulag.

We Americans really need to pay attention to what goes on at all levels of government. Think about it.

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At 7:17 PM, Blogger JR said...

I can't imagine any parent that cares not home schooling. Today's children get this mantra of being owed all day long in school. You aren't supposed to work hard and excel. After all if Billy excels, Bobby might feel bad. The entrance exams for public safety jobs in most places are a joke. Standards have been lowered to accomodate the flavor of the month. One major governmental enity on the Metro-Washington DC area, Prince Georges County has a passing score of 50% on the firefighter test. The physical agility test in most places is now pass/fail. People don't have to earn anything anymore it seems. And keep in mind that these things are finding their way into the private sector. If you do business with the government, they tell you what the composition of your work force must be and on and on. It's bad news indeed.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Mary A said...

JR, looks like I never got back to replying to your comment, but I certainly agree with what you have to say. It's indoctrination in the schools to prepare them for a life dependent on government for everything. And everything is dumbed down--from entrance exams to requirements. And over-regulated.


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