Saturday, February 09, 2008

What's a Conservative to Do?

It has been a great disappointment to me that the apparent Republican nominee for President of the United States is John McCain. While I greatly admire Senator McCain's service to his country in Vietnam, his political positions are not always admirable. I do think he will be a fine Commander in Chief, which is one of the more important roles of the President in these times. I don't have confidence in McCain on economics, the Constitution, and assorted social policies that are also important. So what are we conservatives who are genuinely concerned about the future of our country supposed to do?

I hear that a number of conservatives plan to either not vote for a president, or plan to vote for the Democrat nominee. While I understand their frustration, I cannot accept that as a reasonable solution. It only makes things worse for America if we hand the presidency to Clinton or Obama.

Whatever a conservative might decide to do about voting or not voting for a president, though, there are other avenues that need attention. One is to elect the strongest possible conservative Senators and Representatives to send to Washington, D.C. Another is to look at local/state elections and elect the best conservatives available. Still other avenues are to freely contact your government representatives to remind them that they are representatives of the people and to tell them what is important to you and why. Contribute to or volunteer for conservative candidates and for movements that address important issues in conservative ways.

Some articles that I recommend are:

"The failure to nominate a true Republican unifier does not spell ideological defeat" by Michelle Malkin

"For Conservatives, What's the Next Move?" by JB Williams

"Stepping Back from the Conservative Abyss" by Frank Salvato

These articles offer some good thoughts on what we can do to help the United States of America survive and prosper in the ways that are truly best for people.

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