Saturday, January 19, 2008

Energy Resources

One thing that frustrates me about our government is the reluctance to develop our own energy resources, whether it is ANWR drilling, offshore drilling, nuclear power, or other sources of power for our use. The Heritage Foundation has an article about alternatives to tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which would only help for a short time and would leave us unprepared for the emergencies the SPR is meant to help with. The article is called "Don't Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, But Tap Elsewhere" by Ben Lieberman. It explains why we should not use the SPR for temporary price relief and what the SPR is really for.

In a related blog post at The US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Minority Page, there is a 16 January 2008 entry called "EPW FACT OF THE DAY: Committee Hearing on High Energy Prices Should Focus on Actual Solutions". This post talks about the need for domestic energy supply development and the blocking of this development by liberal Democrats in Congress, which hurts our country.

It is foolish to allow special interest groups to block needed domestic energy supply development and I hope you will contact your congressional representives to encourage this needed development.



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