Saturday, June 14, 2008

Politics and Government

There are many articles I could link to today--articles about how we need to develop our own energy resources in the US, articles about the problems with global warming and the economic crisis that would follow if we start passing a bunch of restrictive laws, the problems that government generates, the problems an Obama presidency would create, and so forth. There are so many subjects that we as citizens need to be aware of so that we are acting and voting responsibly. I think that what I will do for today's post is simply list links to articles that can give us all something to think about in various areas.

The Climate Alarmist Manifesto by Marc Sheppard

Thank You, Big Oil by Todd Keister

Revisiting Obama's Speech to AIPAC by Rick Richman

Increase American-Made Energy to Reduce Gas Prices by Rep. John Boehner

Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas by John Coleman

Bag-Man for Ecoextremists by Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson

Congressional Problem Creation by Walter Williams

The Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 Will Only Increase Gas Prices and Energy Costs by Ben Lieberman

Liberty's Best Hope: Why American Leadership is Needed for the 21st Century by Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D.; Henry R Nau, Ph.D.; and Dov Zakheim, Ph.D.

Who is Obama? Where is the Press? by Tony Blankley

I realize that is a long list of articles, but they give a good overview of some of the serious problems facing America today.

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