Saturday, July 19, 2008

Curbing Freedom

Over at The New Media Journal is an article by Brendan O'Neill that was originally published in The Guardian in the UK. It's called "Greens are the enemies of liberty". Of course, it isn't just environmental extremists who want to take away everyone's freedom (except their own, of course), but these days they seem to be in the forefront of trying to suppress dissent and skepticism and to tell everyone to sacrifice this, that, and the other.

It absolutely slays me that liberals/leftists/environmentalists preach tolerance, yet they are among the least tolerant people ever. Certain groups (Christians, conservatives, patriots, military, etc.) are not to be tolerated. Neither is Western civilization and culture. Economic prosperity and capitalism are also taboo. Just about anything else, though, has free rein.

All I ask is that you read Mr. O'Neill's article and give it some honest thought. Do we really want to live in an oppressive society? I think not.

Here are the first three paragraphs of said article:
Imagine a society where simply speaking out of turn or saying the "wrong thing" was openly discussed as a crime against humanity, and where sceptics or deniers of the truth were publicly labelled "criminals", hauled before the press and accused of endangering humanity with their grotesque untruths.

Imagine a society where even some liberals demanded severe restrictions on freedom of movement; where people campaigned for travelling overseas to be made prohibitively expensive in order to force people to stay at home; and where immigration was frowned upon as "toxic" and "destructive".

Imagine a society so illiberal that columnists felt no qualms about demanding government legislation to force us to change our behaviour; where the public was continually implored to feel guilty about everything from driving to shopping – and where those who refused to feel guilty were said to be suffering from a "psychological" disorder or some other species of mental illness".

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At 12:58 PM, Blogger JR said...

One thing that has always struck me is the claim that "the debate is over" regarding AGW/Climate Change. Try as I might I can't find where this debate has ever really taken place. In fact the supporters of AGE/Climate Change absolutely REFUSE to enter into a debate with anyone. The other thing that should trouble people is the fact that Al Gore is such an energy hog. Just this past week when his speech was completed in DC, he and his entourage were picked up by Lincoln Towncars. Personally I think that speaks volumes.
Hopefully people will catch on to the fact that all of these proposed new rules don't apply to everyone and will see the charade for what it is. If not, welcome kommrade.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Mary A said...

JR, I have never found any debate engaged in by the AGW/Climate Change crowd, either. And I do think Al Gore's personal behavior should give his followers pause--if he doesn't take global warming seriously, why should anyone else?


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