Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keep Your Spirits Up

I've run across three articles at Pajamas Media that have a spirit of encouragement about them, and so I wanted to share them with you.

"How Do You Fight Obama's New New Deal?" by Jennifer Rubin (offers some ideas of useful economic changes that would have a far more positive effect than the bailouts and other government interference)

"Life at New Animal Farm Won't Be All That Bad" by Victor Davis Hanson (a look at the more positive press coverage we can expect on all topics once Barack Obama becomes President of the United States)

"How George Washington Saved Christmas--And America" by Rick Moran (a reminder that we have been through much tougher times in America's past and that we overcame those)

There are a variety of ways to develop a more positive outlook on life, whether it concerns the economy, politics, war and peace, or whatever problems are staring us in the face. Being negative helps nothing, but being positive frees us to start thinking about what we can do to help make things better.

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