Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Week Later

I managed to go a whole week without writing about politics! Amazing!!

I didn't avoid thinking about politics, of course. I made an effort to do other things and read other things, but my thoughts kept drifting back to politics and the mess we are in. Still, my optimism bubbles to the surface now and then. I ran across some good articles that I would like to share with you.

First of all, we American citizens need to remember that the president, Congress, and all the other politicians work for us, not the other way around. Keeping that in mind, we need to contact the government at all levels and let them know what we expect of them. See Chuck Norris's article "Obama, Now That You Work for Me (A Letter to the President-Elect)".

It's important, too, that we remember that all is not lost. See "A Marxist Tsunami Cannot Quench the Flames of Freedom" by Henry Lamb. We must not give up.

I found Thomas Sowell's article called "Intellectuals" an interesting read. Who we think are the intellectuals and who really are intellectuals aren't always the same people. Since we face a time of being told that we need to let the intellectuals lead, we need to be aware of what that might mean.

I enjoyed reading Mary Grabar's "Silence to be Deafening as Left Stops Yelling". She asks a lot of good questions.

Last, but not least, we can expect to face attempts at censorship. See "Liberal Censorship and Its Roots" by David Limbaugh. Even before the election, Obama was trying to silence those who disagreed with him and we can expect that to continue, although we must not let him succeed.

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