Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Governor Sarah Palin in the News

There is much discussion about Sarah Palin still, especially regarding her interview with Charlie Gibson of ABC. One thing being made much of is the "Bush Doctrine" question. Some seem to think it makes Gov. Palin look bad that she didn't know exactly what Charlie Gibson meant by the Bush Doctrine. For a perspective on that, see Charles Krauthammer's column at Townhall titled "Charlie Gibson's Gaffee". There is no one definition of "Bush Doctrine" and Gov. Palin was right to ask Mr. Gibson in what respect he was referring to.

Another problem some people have is with Gov. Palin saying she didn't blink when asked to be the VP candidate. They think it shows thoughtlessness. What they aren't understanding is that to many of us, it meant conviction and resolve.

Some just don't understand that what Sarah Palin stands for is American values--courage, conviction, belief in the American dream, family and religious values. She shows that people can succeed at whatever they put their minds and efforts to. She's a strong, intelligent individual. She was chosen for those things and not for being a woman. The latter was just frosting on the cake for the McCain campaign.

Not everyone is going to see Gov. Palin in a positive light. That is their loss. No one is perfect, including McCain and Palin. At least, however, they don't have the kind of un-American associations that Barack Obama does (Davis, Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, et al), or the strong radical influences (Alinsky, for one, in addition to the previously mentioned leftists). The fact that the mainstream media gives Obama a pass on those major influences in his life and the lack of any real accomplishment in his past while running headlines everytime Gov. Palin sneezes is ample evidence of the leftist bias of the MSM.

One question that I would like to have answered is whether or not Barack Obama is eligible for the necessary security clearances that a President of the United States would need to have to do his job. I certainly wouldn't clear him for those security clearances.

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