Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Day Post

Merry Christmas to all!

I haven't been able to decide what to write about for awhile, but as I've been perusing the internet today, I've run across some articles that I recommend.

"Be Not Afraid: Christian Resistance and the Meaning of Christmas" by Joseph Morrison Skelly (some thoughts on Christmas at a time when there are those who would wipe out religion)

"A Tale of Two Pundits: Sowell vs. Huffington" by Roger Kimball (This one is about economics rather than Christmas, but still, it's an important piece.)

"Utopia" by Peter Ferrara (an interesting idea for letting everyone have their way politically and economically)

"The True Spirit of Giving" by Ken Connor (some thoughts on what Christmas giving really should mean)

I know that times are tough economically (and in other ways, too), but I hope that we will budget for charitable giving. There are many good places for your charity dollars (and don't forget that you can give of your time, as well) such as your church and nationally known charities that you can trust. There is one organization that particularly appeals to me because the giving is a hand up and not a handout. That is Heifer International, which gives animals to families and teaches them to care for them and use them as a basis for growing prosperity. They also make microloans that help people begin and sustain small businesses, again using those loans as a basis for growing prosperity. I've provided a link so you can read about this organization and decide if it is something you want to support. Research any charity you are considering so you can decide where you want your money and effort to go. There may be perfectly good local charities that aren't so well known that would be worthy of your donations--you just need to spend a little time looking into them to be sure your efforts to help aren't wasted.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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