Monday, August 21, 2006

Something to Think About

Michael Barone's column, "Our Covert Enemies," at Jewish World Review contains some ideas you might want to mull over.

This is one of my concerns about society--that there is a certain group of intellectuals who see themselves as the elite of our society, that it is necessary for them to explain life and the world to the rest of us, who aren't bright enough to figure it out for ourselves. Trouble is, they are wrong about moral relativism, about "dead white males," about political correctness. Most people have more sense than this group, but their ideas have so penetrated our society through our schools and universities and much of media that it sometimes seems that too many gullible people have bought into them.

I would hope that more and more people would discover the common sense voices out there--like the ones at Jewish World Review and start thinking things through more. I would hope that more and more people would realize that they can think for themselves and that they don't have to follow along with what the "elite intellectuals" say. There are absolute truths and absolute morals. There are things that are right and things that are wrong.

It is rather ironic to hear people talk about conservatives as mindless robots marching in lockstep. What do they think those who follow the currently popular ideas of the elites are doing?

There are, of course, extremists on both ends of the spectrum. Most people fall somewhere in the middle. Most people have good hearts and good intentions. One hopes that all the information that is out there and available in this day and age will eventually encourage people to figure out that they need to think for themselves and not just play follow the leader.

Life is complicated. There are seldom simple answers to any problem or issue. The more truly knowledgable people are, the more likely they are to come up with real solutions anchored in reality.

I know that sometimes my remarks here on my blog are a bit hardline, but it is because I care about people and what happens to them that I speak out so. I care about freedom and liberty and common sense. I care about good triumphing over evil. I care about the ideas that are put forth in our society and in other societies around the world, and the influence those ideas have on people.

If I could say any one thing to everyone, it would be to read and study and search out the facts, then think for yourselves and see what you come up with.



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