Saturday, August 12, 2006

Astronomy for the Amateur

Many of us find astronomy a fascinating subject. It is very possible to study the sky on your own and I have found some websites that can help you get started.

First up is Backyard Astronomer.

Then we have The Compleat Amateur Astronomer.

A third site is Tom Campbell's Amateur Astronomy.

These three sites have articles and information that can help you get started with observing the night sky and learning about astronomy. This is not only a great hobby for an individual, it would make a great family activity. The kids would love it!

Another site that can provide lots of news and information for you is StarDate Online. It is a production of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory.

Of course, you can search for more sites and more information all over the web, but this will get you and your family started on a fascinating learning experience.



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