Saturday, October 25, 2008

More on Politics and Economics

Weary as we may be of politics and economics, we need to keep informed over the next 10 days so that we can make wise choices in the voting booth on November 4.

Regarding economics, read these articles and give them some serious thought:

"The Audacity of Brand-New Taxes" by Deroy Murdock

"Obamanomics Abhors the Free Market" by David Limbaugh

"Obamanomics" by Amil Imani

Our nation's strength and innovation depend on the wealth producers being free of oppressive tax rates. Obama seems to have the idea that he can guarantee equality of outcome. This is false. Each person has different talents and abilities, levels of ambition, amount of work ethic, and ideas of what success is. America is about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. The outcome depends on what each individual brings to the table. Individuals have to be responsible and accountable for what they do and don't do. Give them opportunities and let them make of them what they will. That will bring far more success to more people than the foolish notion of attempting to guarantee equality of outcome.

About politics and the presidential election:

"Dear Undecided...Are You Kidding Me?" by JB Williams

"Do Americans Understand What Socialism Is?" by Frank Salvato

"America at the Tipping Point in 2008" by Christopher G. Adamo

Any post by Alan Caruba at his blog, Warning Signs.

There are many more such posts. We have a lot of important things we need to consider about the direction America will be taken in by the next President of the United States. It is far from irrelevant to consider the character and past affiliations of the candidates. It is important to think about which candidate evades answering even simple questions about what his plans for America really are. Yes, I am an unapologetic conservative Republican who will vote for McCain-Palin. Yes, I link to conservative articles by conservative writers. You can get plenty of pro-Obama articles in the mainstream media. What I am trying to do is balance that bias with some truth and some issues for you to consider carefully.

It is a mistake to think that a big, intrusive government can solve our problems for us. It is a mistake that a weak American military will somehow lead to world peace. The stronger and more free America is, the more good she can do in the world and the more she can do to fight oppression and tyranny wherever it is found. I cannot stress enough the importance of following the Constitution of the United States. Our Founding Fathers carefully created that document in order to preserve freedom and liberty for American citizens. At The Patriot Post you can read important historic documents, including the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. You can also read their newsletter (the latest editions on their front page and the older editions in the archives) which contains many important insights. If you read nothing else, reading the website of The Patriot Post will help you understand America.

It is not my intention to hurt or offend with my posts. It is my intention to educate Americans so that they truly understand what is at stake, now and in the future.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Socialism Doesn't Help People

It's pretty clear, especially from his remarks to Joe the Plumber, but also from his general viewpoint and alliances, that Obama is a supporter of socialism and would like to take America in that direction. First, I would like to link to some articles that will shed some light on both socialism itself and also on Obama's connection to socialist ideas. These can be found at Thought You Should Know, on the "News" page, along with many other articles of interest. The articles are linked to the original websites they appeared on.

"Is Obama a Socialist?" by Henry Lamb

"Why Obama's Socialism Matters" by Bookworm

"Obama's 95% Illusion" by the Wall Street Journal editors

"It's the Socialists Taking Over Our Country" by Marie Jon

"President Barack Hoover" by Hugh Hewitt

"Governor Palin, 'Joe the Plumber', and the Real Middle Class" by Austin Hill

These articles explain socialism and why Obama can be considered a socialist. They give us a glimpse of what Obama's plans for America are.

One reason that I think people support Obama is that they think he is going to help people and lift them out of poverty, help them get healthcare, and give them money (taken from the wealthy). The problem is that when you take money from the wealthy, you cripple their ability to invest, to start businesses, and generally to create jobs, which is far more helpful to those who struggle than to just hand them a one-time check. You destroy people's incentive to invent new products and systems and start businesses that grow our country's economy.

There are other problems, too, such as universal healthcare. We learn from Canada, Great Britain, and other countries who have this socialist system for their healthcare that many people can't get the care they need when they need it. It may not be a big issue for those with only minor health problems, but for those with serious illnesses, such as cancer, it can mean death.

I suppose there are those out there who think that conservatives such as myself are ready to throw the poor and ill under the bus. No, we are not. We believe that the only real way to help people is NOT through government, but by individual efforts to help family and neighbors, by church help, and by private charities. Some charity organizations are nationwide, but they have local offices all over the country. The positive thing about local, non-government help is that it is where the people who need help are. It is able to get to know people and understand what their needs are and help them overcome obstacles to a better life. We have seen over and over how poorly government performs at most tasks. Why do we want to turn more and more over to it?

The particular danger of an Obama presidency is that he and those working with him won't stop at a little government interference and a little raising of taxes. They obviously plan to keep going until the government is in charge of everything. They plan to shrink the military, get rid of free trade, and oust capitalism. People need to think ahead and see the end results of Obama's plans to "help" people. There are many countries whose histories you can look at to see what happens--Cuba, Russia, China. Look at Great Britain and Europe today and compare that with what they once were. Look at what the UN tries to do to interfere with the governments of individual countries. It is hard to overcome the indoctrination of public schools, but there are sources of true information out there.

Obama has also shown that he is quite willing to try to intimidate those who don't agree with him. He's tried to sue the NRA for its ads and has also tried to prevent disagreement with him in Missouri. Then there's the whole ACORN organization and its attempts to use fraud in voter registration. There are Democrats as well as Republicans investigating that mess.

We have other problems to keep in mind. The great global warming hoax is being used as a tool to try to wreck the economy of countries all over the world, including the USA. Radical environmentalists are also a problem in other ways. We need to use all of our own energy resources (not only oil and natural gas and coal, but also nuclear plants, and we need to work on solar and wind and other sources of energy which are by no means ready to be our sole sources now) instead of sending money to buy from countries who are definitely not looking out for our best interests, yet Obama and many Democrats don't want us to produce our own energy. In addition, Obama has talked of sending $800 billion to other countries under the pretext of ending poverty. We have all seen how various tyrants and dictators do not use such aid to help their poor--they use it to enrich themselves and to tighten their grip on others.

I could go on and on, discussing abortion, the attempts to weaken families, the attempts to weaken religion, the lack of truthful information from the mainstream media, etc. There are very real dangers to America and its freedoms. There are many types of radicals who wish to destroy America as we know it, forgetting that it is America's freedom that has allowed said radicals to flourish. There are serious consequences to the actions of government and the people need to put a stop to the foolishness. One way to stop at least some of it is to NOT put Obama in as president. Another is to elect good people to Congress and toss out those who threaten our freedom.

You may not agree with me, but at least stop and think about what I've written. Read the articles I link to and think about what these writers say. I link to serious, intelligent people. I write from my heart. I just want American citizens to wake up and take a serious interest in their country's future and in all our individual futures. And please remember that we do not have to trash our country in order to help people who need help. The more prosperous and free our country is, the more we have available to help others. Also, when America sets a good, strong example for the world, other countries take heart and work to improve their own situations. There is so much good about America. She should be strengthened and not weakened.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 Days Until November 4

We have 17 days to live through before the 4 November election. I suspect we will all be immensely relieved to have it over with! It does get tiresome to hear about the election and the candidates 24/7, but this is incredibly important for our country, so try to hang in there with it.

I have a number of articles that I really believe you should read and give serious thought to. There is a lot at stake in this election. First up are three articles about what kind of America we would be facing if Senator Obama is elected. These are from Townhall.

"Socialism! There, I Said It!" by David Limbaugh

"Do You Know the Real Barack Obama?" by Carol Platt Liebau

"Time to Use the 'C' Word" by Laura Hollis

These columns discuss information we've heard bits and pieces about, but have we put the pieces together to understand what Obama is all about and what electing him as President would mean for our freedom?

Since the mainstream media isn't what you could call objective or unbiased, you should counter what you hear from it with some information about McCain from his website. You can click on issues and then choose an issue of interest to read his positions. There are 21 issues listed. You may not agree with everything on each issue, but think also about who is more likely to maintain the liberty and freedom that is America--McCain or Obama.

From Jewish World Review comes Thomas Sowell's column titled "Record versus Rhetoric". He talks about Sarah Palin quite a bit, but also mentions McCain, Obama, and Biden. As usual, Dr. Sowell makes some great points.

Since race is often mentioned in this campaign (mostly by Obama and the Democrats, by the way), please read Charles Krauthammer's column titled "Who's Playing the Race Card?". Think about what he is writing. This column is also found at Jewish World Review. Many of these columns/articles I link to can be found at more than one website.

Pajamas Media has a piece on race and one on violent tendencies among Obama's and McCain's supporters. "PC Effect, not Bradley Effect, May Haunt Obama" by Bernard Chapin. "Obama Supporter Assaults Female McCain Volunteer in New York" by Oleg Atbashian. There are also a couple of other good articles from the same website that I'd want to highlight: "Gore's Dangerous Call for Environmental Civil Disobedience" by Gal Luft and "Obama Sells Out Education to the Revolution" by Mary Grabar. In fact, there are a lot of articles at Pajamas Media that I believe you would enjoy reading. Same with the other websites I link to. You get a different perspective from the MSM with facts to back these perspectives.

From National Review Online, you can read Michelle Malkin's column called "The Left Declares War on Joe the Plumber". At the same website, please read Kathryn Jean Lopez's article titled "The Justice Lets Us Walk Away With a Warning". This is an especially important article about the Constitution and its importance.

I know that I link to a lot of articles without a lot of commentary, but it's because these writers make their points so much more effectively than I could, and they've already done the research! What my point is, however, is that to elect Barack Obama as President of the United States would open the door to socialism, even communism. Not overnight, but steadily moving in that direction. I do not wear a tinfoil hat or see black helicopters everywhere I look. What I do see is that Obama allies with and supports terrorists and America haters. He is closely tied with ACORN who is being investigated for voter registration fraud in several states. He has ties with William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. He sat in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years listening to anti-American, black liberation theology sermons. There are a number of other radicals he and his wife have been allied with. If a white Republican had allied with neo-Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan or any of a number of extremist groups of that nature, do you think he would have been nominated for the Presidency? No. He'd have been run out of the race early on. So why is Obama still in the running? And while we're at it, why doesn't Obama answer questions? He either beats around the bush, changes the subject, or denies these documented alliances. Is someone this dishonest, evasive, and radical someone that we want as the President of the United States of America? No. A thousand times no. And there are other issues on which Obama's positions are dangerous--abortion, healthcare, redistributing wealth through raising taxes, etc., etc., etc. And while you're thinking about these things, think about what the chances are that you will somehow get something for nothing or be a part of the ruling elite. In all honesty, your chances are nil.

John McCain disappoints me with his acceptance of government interferance in the finance sector, but he is pro-life, strong on military, strong on the 2nd amendment, and any number of other reasonable pro-American positions. He also had the good sense to choose Sarah Palin as his running mate, a strong conservative woman with sympathy and empathy and a mind of her own, who has more executive experience than any of the other candidates.

While you are contemplating your votes for 4 November, carefully consider who you vote for to put in Congress--either the House or the Senate. Try to find the most honest, pro-American, pro-Constitution, pro-the people representatives you can find. The best thing for America is small government plus capitalism plus freedom and liberty for all. Think about it.

Edited to add:

I have an article about global warming linked above ("Gore's Dangerous Call for Environmental Civil Disobedience"), but I've run across two more that I think you should read. This is one area that I disagree with John McCain about. At American Thinker there is "An Open Letter from the Viscount Monckton of Brenchly to Senator John McCain about Climate Science and Policy". This is long, but a very good read, with lots to think about. I've linked to the first page--there are 3 more.

The other piece is the Saturday, 18 October post at Warning Signs, Alan Caruba's blog. The post's title is "With 'Friends' Like These" by Alan Caruba.

We have a lot of different issues that we need to keep an eye on all at once. Good luck to us, I say!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Politics and Economics and Elections! Oh, My!

Any chance we'll survive the 3.5 weeks until the election? I assume we will, but it is certainly going to take some fortitude to get through it.

First, some links about our current economic situation. You might be interested to read this article written in 2000, discussing the events that today have led to our economic problems.

"The Trillion-Dollar Bank Shakedown That Bodes Ill for Cities" by Howard Husock (hat tip: JR)

A current article is "Econ 101: The Financial Crisis and Danger of Government Intervention" by Gary Wolfram. This article briefly reviews the causes of the current crisis and how government intervention hurts rather than helps. Here is Dr. Walter Williams' take on the mess: "Lessons from the Bailout".

Mixing politics and economics, we go to Frank Salvato at The New Media Journal and his editorial "Obama, ACORN, & Their Starring Role in the Mortgage Crisis".

Segueing into politics and the election, here is Warner Todd Huston's article "Indiana: More Registered to Vote Than Eligible". Hmmmm. Here is an informative article by Thomas Sowell called "The Real Obama". Some important points to consider in both of these pieces.

A number of people have taken to saying than anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist. That's nonsense. It is Obama's worldview, policies, and affiliations that we object to. I would vote for a Thomas Sowell-Walter Williams (or Walter Williams-Thomas Sowell) ticket in a heartbeat. That would truly be an American dream ticket. And guess what? Both men are black. But that is not the point--the point is that they love America and they have a lot of common sense and solid characters. They are great men and Obama is not.

We are going through some tough times, to be sure. The last thing we should do is elect a liberal/socialist/Marxist/communist type like Obama who is more facilitator than leader (see "Obama the Facilitator" by Joseph Rosenberger). The McCain-Palin ticket isn't perfect, but it is far better for America than the Obama-Biden ticket. Many of the so-called flaws of McCain-Palin are spins by the in-the-tank-for-Obama mainstream media, but even so, at least we can trust McCain-Palin to do their best for America. Obama-Biden won't have America's best interests at heart--they are too dissatisfied with America, past and present, and want to change our country into a socialist copy of past failed and failing governments in Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, etc. Do yourself a favor and read widely about the candidates. Don't stop with the mainstream media. Ask yourself why Obama is given a pass on answering serious questions about his past affiliations and his rise in Chicago politics and the failure of his Annenberg Chicago Challenge.

Think before you vote.

Edited to add the following:

I've come across a couple more interesting pieces to post. First up is an article at American Thinker called "This Could Be the Game Changer" by Thomas Lifson. There is a video at the bottom of the article that explains the lawsuit in Pennsylvania over whether or not Obama is a natural born citizen and, therefore, eligible to be President. This is not a video by crazies. It features the lawyer who filed the suit and he explains what it's all about.

The second article is also at American Thinker and is "Why Obama's Communist Connections Are Not Headlines" by Paul Kengor. This is a thought-provoking piece that raises questions about what students are taught in school, or rather not taught in school, and the repercussions of that lack of necessary knowledge.

Oh, and here are a couple more (don't want you to run out of reading material!), also at American Thinker: "All That Darned Conservatism" by Randall Hoven and "What Happened to the Media" by Karyn Gaidos.

Edited again to add:

More good reading material for you. Victor Davis Hanson writes "Jumping Ship" about some conservatives who are thinking of abandoning McCain and why it would be a mistake for them to do so. The piece is at Pajamas Media. From the calm and thoughtful Michael Barone, we read some thoughts about "The Coming Obama Thugocracy". The list of attempts to shut down/shout down free speech by Obama's campaign and other leftist groups ought to make any American shudder. This piece comes from Townhall.

From Weekly Standard comes an interesting article on the economy. It's called "Economic Upheaval: Surveying the Wreckage for Signs of Life" by Irwin M. Stelzer. And one last one is John Kinsellagh's article "The Media and Barack Obama: Don't Confuse Us with the Facts, We're Sticking with Our Narrative".

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