Saturday, February 24, 2007


For a change of pace, how about origami--the art of paperfolding? This has always appeared to me to be an interesting idea. It amazes me that pieces of paper can be folded into such artistic shapes. One good website to start you off is which includes origami history, origami and math, how to fold, etc. The man (Eric M. Andersen) running the site also displays his own work. There is also a page of links and one of book recommendations.

Here's a link to another website, Money Origami, that shows how to fold paper money into all sorts of objects. It has links to other like websites for more ideas. I'd never heard of this until discovering a lady at work who does money origami for gifts, tips, and just for fun. Everyone enjoys her creations!

So that's today's contribution to expanding your world of art! This would be a fun family project or hobby. I think kids would have fun with it, too.



At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Pop said...

Come on, Mary, I can't even fold a piece of paper in half evenly.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Mary A said...

:D Where's your sense of adventure, Pop?! :D


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