Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Reasons to Not Buy into Global Warming

Neal Boortz has a website wherein he writes a daily column on the news (or, as he calls it, nuze). On 2 February, he writes about global warming and lists some good reasons why it isn't real. Go give it a read and think about what he says. Consider these two paragraphs:
But the biggest bombshell here is this one: no matter what we do, global warming will not be reversed. It will go on for centuries, according to this report. The sea levels will continue to rise as polar ice caps melt. So I guess if Al Gore wins his Nobel Peace Prize, we'll still experience global warming. So much for riding to work everyday in your hybrid's not doing a thing. The situation is futile, according to this report.

But really, it makes sense that the global warming crowd would come to this conclusion. After all, global warming is a religion. The anti-capitalist enviro-nazis don't ever want the problem to be solved. After all, if global warming were to be solved tomorrow, what would they blame the United States for? They'd have to find some other reason.

Motive is always good to consider when a group advocates so strongly for something. Why are they doing it? Really? Here is one of Mr. Boortz's reasons for being skeptical of global warming:
The United Nations is anti-American and anti-Capitalist. In short .. I don't trust them. Not a bit. The UN would eagerly engage in any enterprise that would weaken capitalist economies around the world.

Here's another:
Because that famous "hockey stick" graph that purports to show a sudden warming of the earth in the last few decades is a fraud. It ignored previous warming periods ... left them off the graph altogether.

And another:
The infamous Kyoto accords exempt some of the world's biggest CO2 polluters, including China and India.

And what does this one tell you?
Because global warming "activists" and scientists seek to punish those who have different viewpoints. If you are sure of your science you have no need to shout down or seek to punish those who disagree.

And what about this?
What happened to the Medieval Warm Period? In 1996 the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a chart showing climatic change over a period of 1000 years. This graph showed a Medieval warming period in which global temperatures were higher than they are today. In 2001 the IPCC issued another 1000 year graph in which the Medieval warming period was missing. Why?

Why has one scientist promoting the cause of man-made global warming been quoted as saying "we have to get rid of the medieval warming period?"

Mr. Boortz lists a number of other reasons, all worth your time and consideration. I think we need to give some serious thought to why people are suddenly trying to scare us with global warming. Why are they editing facts? What is their motive? Think about it. As Neal Boortz asks:
Why are global warming proponents insisting that the matter is settled and that no further scientific research is needed? Why are they afraid of additional information?
I'll have more on global warming, as well as other topics, later.



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