Monday, January 22, 2007

Science News

In this day and age, keeping up with science is important and interesting, but it is also overwhelming. There are any number of sites out there with news of science of all kinds and research as well.

One website that has a lot of news on different scientific topics, plus an encyclopedia to help explain things, is Science Daily. It covers a large area of the science world and is a good place to start.

Another such site is New Scientist. It, too, covers science news on an array of topics. There is also Science and Scientific American. There is science news out there that can affect us, in medicine, human behavior, weather, computers, and so forth. If you are at all interested in science, news magazines specializing in science news can be a good place to start.

I find the above sites interesting and informative, but, frankly, I would like to find a reputable science news website that didn't assume evolution is true or that global warming is a fact, and that covered most areas of science. (I do know of, but it doesn't cover many different areas of science. I also know of some sites that debunk evolution myths, but again, the coverage is limited to that one topic.) If any of you know of a good site or two that covers a lot of different scientific topics (I'm thinking something like Science Daily, but without the pro-evolution, pro-global warming biases), could you post a comment about it? Thanks!

I might add that I'm not necessarily looking for sites that are anti-evolution or anti-global warming (to use just two examples of unwarranted prejudice that can creep into science journalism), but I would like to find sites that don't assume those sorts of things are true and are willing to publish news that might contradict them.



At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Pop said...

Science has gotten to be like everything else - follow the money. Check every writer or scientist to see where their funding comes from.
Then see what retired scientist, who are not dependant on funding grants have to say. It can be an extermely interesting exercise.

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Mary A said...

That's what I gather--that if scientists want funding, they have to assume evolution, global warming, etc. Otherwise, they don't get published, they don't get funding, and so forth. Frustrating!


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